A little about me..and Chasing my Dreams

My name is Tania Sherley, I am 42 years old.  Having being born with Spina Bifida/hydrocephalus, I have had mobility issues all my life.  Until the age of 24, I walked around on crutches – from age 24 onwards, I have been using a wheelchair to get through life.

I have recently decided to set myself three massive Fitness Goals –

*Climbing my Mountain
*Walking down the Beach

these are things that in the past I only ever dreamed of doing while observing other people do them – but I now think, you know what…maybe I CAN do these things, after all (with a lot of support and assistance from others).  Who knows, they may just end up happening!  If I strive for them, and they just end up being ‘out of reach’ physically….hey, at least I know that I’ve given them a RED HOT GO!!  Having spent the last 18 yrs getting through life in a wheelchair (which I love by the way….my wheelchair is a LOT faster than struggling along on crutches, like I used to do – my wheelchair allows me to keep up with myself lol) – these 3 things ARE going to be hard work…but ‘nothing worth doing is ever easy’, right?

Chasing my Dreams…

These 3 goals are part of my ‘Chasing my Dreams’  (bucket list) that I have created  *and having an incredible experience with ‘ticking’ off these Dreams!*

I fully believe that many of these things on my ‘List’ (ESPECIALLY these 3 Fitness Goals!) would not have ever entered my head, had I not been in in the incredibly motivated mindframe I am in now, with fitness, and striving for the very best in myself, that my gym, and my bucket list journey with has brought me.

  Along this journey, I have become very inspired, through meeting/interacting with other incredible people in this world who are also ticking off their own Bucket Lists. …and/or chasing their own dreams, in life.  These people, and my own journey has taught me that
ANYTHING is Possible!


4 thoughts on “A little about me..and Chasing my Dreams

  1. Carol & Frank

    Hi Tania – Best wishes to you – Go for it. Enjoy your experience. Regards, Carol & Frank Ashworth (remember us, we house sat for Kay & Bryant one year)

    • Thank you Carol and Frank, yes I remember you 🙂 Im having the time of my life, Im loving these Challenges! 🙂

  2. Mary Atkins

    Hi Tania, What an inspiration you are. I promised you my book to raffle – Finding your voice – 10 steps to successful public speaking published by Lothian. Plus for the lucky winner an hour of face to face or skype to skype coaching.
    Where do I send it or can I deliver it? Mary Atkins

    • Hi Mary! 🙂 Thank you so much for your generosity towards SBH Qld through your donation, and your compliment towards me, it means a lot. If you contact me on tarns22@iprimus.com.au, I can give you my details….or alternatively, I should be at the next ‘Circle’ meet on this Sunday, if you are there. Thank you 🙂

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