August…oooh its getting closer!

The realisation that the Event, where I will be crossing off these 3 magic Fitness Goals, is getting closer with every day that passes = the feeling is ‘scarily awesome’.  Not scary as in fearful….but scary as in….’OMG this is really, REAL!’….haha…

I had my ‘week off’, having the absolute time of my life….AND I managed to get in some exercise, especially out at Qld Raceway on Sunday 5th August, when I was wandering around most of theday, checking out all the action off the track (not just sitting trackside watching the action). 

August 9th – At the gym for a session by myself today..Mikey (my gym PT) told me to ‘take it easy’, as I have him for a session in the morning…and we both know what he dishes out…lol. My trainer telling me to ‘take it easy’ (except when I was sick)?…

….Like a RED FLAG TO A BULL….hehe…

August 10 – Backed up my session last night with 3 new additions thrown into the program today, in my session with Mike: hammer curls, dumbell flys on the bench, and balancing on a swiss ball, for the first time, doing seated row. 50 pushups, and 3 one minute planks..and walking. WINNING!  SO amazing to be able to achieve these, which I had only ever watched others do!

August 15th – Received a photo from OnTheGo (the company who are manufacturing my singlets) of what my Event singlets are going to look like…and they are AMAZING!! I cannot wait to receive them…..and WEAR them (and see them worn by others) at the Event. 

August 16th – Another AWESOME Session with Mike today.  Balancing, sitting on a Swiss ball, by myself, with Mike moving it a bit to unsteady me, but not falling off of it..Yeewww! 😀

I havent been doing any outdoor training sessions since I returned to training after my illness, because of issues beyond my control…but I plan to return soon…cannot wait! 🙂

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