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October – down the Home Straight, to my Fitness Goals, and the Event! here we are, a month out from the most amazing achievement I can honestly say I have ever set myself!  Sure Ive achieved some wonderful things in my life, that I can (now, at 42yrs of age) say that I am very proud of (although ‘sense of pride’ took me 4o+ years to learn, for myself)….but this would have to be the most emotionally charged, long-drawn out journey towards achievement, which Ive ever set myself to do. 

SO much still  to do, for the actual Event to take place…but I can honestly say, I am READY, really Ready, to DO THIS! Physically, even though my chest lurgy/asthma that hit me in June is still unfortunately plaguing me, and this relentless cough which we just cannot get on top of, is hanging in there…I know that my mind and my body wants to do this, wants to achieve my Goals, in this very special way….RIGHT NOW!

Anyone got a Time Machine?!?!? haha…

This month is going to be an absolute whirlwind of fitness sessions, Event-organising, dealing with my every day ‘life stuff’, so I apologise if I, (as happened at the end of September) dont update with every single fitness session etc…but my mindset is SO tunnel-focussed right now, its such an incredible feeling!

Chasing that Dream!! 😀

I have (as I have done all along) a few sessions a week by myself, as well as boxing and mini-tramp at home on my own…coupled with PT and beach sessions, with my trainers (and now my Mum has stepped in as well, now that she is back from her 3 month travels away, it is awesome to share this journey with her!) 🙂

October 2, 2012
– Well that was an ‘interesting’ walk down the beach with Mum this morning…hehe… She’s a tough task-master! – her and her ‘lines in the sand’, whenever I reached one….she walked up further and made another one, and told me to come get it….grrrr lol. Super happy that I walked the length of the Surf Club and back, and down and back from the stairs…all on soft sand (no hard sand today…dammit)…

If I can do this on soft sand, and not struggle tooooooo much at this stage…hard sand *fingers crossed thats the conditions on 2nd November* is going to be a breeze! (not an ‘easy walk’ like an ablebod can do…dammit 😦 …but so much easier than when I first started on it) 😀

9 October 2012 Went walking with Mikey and Kea, no crutches, up the walkway at the gym.  I hadnt been feeling 100% on top of my game, and halfway around the walkway I faltered, felt dizzy, and had to sit down.  BUT – I got back up again, and continued  up that walkway, and then back to my chair.  All I wanted to do was to get helped back to my chair and sit down…but no, I continued on with the walk, and I DID IT! 😀

11 October 2012A standout moment for me on this session by myself – walking with just one crutch, on one side, and the wall on the other side beside me, to hold me up if I needed it.  Each time I attempt this, I get so frustrated at the wall, for having to hold me up…but this time, I walked up and down the shorter walkway, not having to hold onto the wall much at all.  Just a little bit exciting, to be able to do/achieve this! 😀  

17 October 2012 – Well that tested me! Doing my ‘wall walking’ at the gym (one crutch on one side, and the wall on the other)…someone was sitting on a seat along the wall….so I had to walk away from the wall (still only one crutch), and walk around them. I DID IT! The legs/balance actually behaved themselves and didnt let me down, so I was able to do it! 😀

Talking to various people who came up to me at the gym, about the Event and what Im doing – no better feeling! Took me 40+ years to feel proud of myself..and I can say Im very proud right now 🙂

18th October 2012 – At my session with Mike at the gym, we practiced standing up and stepping together, as if we were going to do my Slowdance…wow…amazing feeling! Next time, we hope to practice with my song…ooooh…

22nd October 2012 – Mum and I headed to my Mountain (Coolum Boardwalk) for what could possibly be the last time I would be training up there, before I actually climb it, on the day of my Fundraiser Event on November 2nd, 2012.  Amazing feeling…mixed feelings, its been an incredible journey, that is fast coming to a close.  The training session was awesome – I could have walked the entire distance (with a few rest breaks along the way), but Ive decided that I will only ‘Climb my Mountain’ in its entirety, on the day of the Event…it will be even more special then 🙂

24th October 2012 – Epic session once again with Mike!  I not only achieved learning another exercise (working my triceps on a piece of gym equipment), but Mike and I practiced my Slowdance song “I believe I can Fly” in the Group Fitness room at Suncoast Fitness.  OMG that song is SO long, when you have to try to stay up on your feet, and move around to it, for the entire length of the song! haha…but it was amazing, and its going to be SO special to do this, on the night of the Event! 🙂

I also used a piece of gym equipment that Id never used before, to work my triceps….AND…the big one….

…I was brave enough to not use the wall for balance/security, when walking with one crutch. With Mike right beside me (but not touching me), I walked a number of steps along the pathway, just with one crutch! 😀

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