October – down the Home Straight, to my Fitness Goals, and the Event!

Wow..so here we are, a month out from the most amazing achievement I can honestly say I have ever set myself!  Sure Ive achieved some wonderful things in my life, that I can (now, at 42yrs of age) say that I am very proud of (although ‘sense of pride’ took me 4o+ years to learn, for myself)….but this would have to be the most emotionally charged, long-drawn out journey towards achievement, which Ive ever set myself to do. 

SO much still  to do, for the actual Event to take place…but I can honestly say, I am READY, really Ready, to DO THIS! Physically, even though my chest lurgy/asthma that hit me in June is still unfortunately plaguing me, and this relentless cough which we just cannot get on top of, is hanging in there…I know that my mind and my body wants to do this, wants to achieve my Goals, in this very special way….RIGHT NOW!

Anyone got a Time Machine?!?!? haha…

This month is going to be an absolute whirlwind of fitness sessions, Event-organising, dealing with my every day ‘life stuff’, so I apologise if I, (as happened at the end of September) dont update with every single fitness session etc…but my mindset is SO tunnel-focussed right now, its such an incredible feeling!

Chasing that Dream!! 😀

I have (as I have done all along) a few sessions a week by myself, as well as boxing and mini-tramp at home on my own…coupled with PT and beach sessions, with my trainers (and now my Mum has stepped in as well, now that she is back from her 3 month travels away, it is awesome to share this journey with her!) 🙂

October 2, 2012
– Well that was an ‘interesting’ walk down the beach with Mum this morning…hehe… She’s a tough task-master! – her and her ‘lines in the sand’, whenever I reached one….she walked up further and made another one, and told me to come get it….grrrr lol. Super happy that I walked the length of the Surf Club and back, and down and back from the stairs…all on soft sand (no hard sand today…dammit)…

If I can do this on soft sand, and not struggle tooooooo much at this stage…hard sand *fingers crossed thats the conditions on 2nd November* is going to be a breeze! (not an ‘easy walk’ like an ablebod can do…dammit 😦 …but so much easier than when I first started on it) 😀

9 October 2012 Went walking with Mikey and Kea, no crutches, up the walkway at the gym.  I hadnt been feeling 100% on top of my game, and halfway around the walkway I faltered, felt dizzy, and had to sit down.  BUT – I got back up again, and continued  up that walkway, and then back to my chair.  All I wanted to do was to get helped back to my chair and sit down…but no, I continued on with the walk, and I DID IT! 😀

11 October 2012A standout moment for me on this session by myself – walking with just one crutch, on one side, and the wall on the other side beside me, to hold me up if I needed it.  Each time I attempt this, I get so frustrated at the wall, for having to hold me up…but this time, I walked up and down the shorter walkway, not having to hold onto the wall much at all.  Just a little bit exciting, to be able to do/achieve this! 😀  

17 October 2012 – Well that tested me! Doing my ‘wall walking’ at the gym (one crutch on one side, and the wall on the other)…someone was sitting on a seat along the wall….so I had to walk away from the wall (still only one crutch), and walk around them. I DID IT! The legs/balance actually behaved themselves and didnt let me down, so I was able to do it! 😀

Talking to various people who came up to me at the gym, about the Event and what Im doing – no better feeling! Took me 40+ years to feel proud of myself..and I can say Im very proud right now 🙂

18th October 2012 – At my session with Mike at the gym, we practiced standing up and stepping together, as if we were going to do my Slowdance…wow…amazing feeling! Next time, we hope to practice with my song…ooooh…

22nd October 2012 – Mum and I headed to my Mountain (Coolum Boardwalk) for what could possibly be the last time I would be training up there, before I actually climb it, on the day of my Fundraiser Event on November 2nd, 2012.  Amazing feeling…mixed feelings, its been an incredible journey, that is fast coming to a close.  The training session was awesome – I could have walked the entire distance (with a few rest breaks along the way), but Ive decided that I will only ‘Climb my Mountain’ in its entirety, on the day of the Event…it will be even more special then 🙂

24th October 2012 – Epic session once again with Mike!  I not only achieved learning another exercise (working my triceps on a piece of gym equipment), but Mike and I practiced my Slowdance song “I believe I can Fly” in the Group Fitness room at Suncoast Fitness.  OMG that song is SO long, when you have to try to stay up on your feet, and move around to it, for the entire length of the song! haha…but it was amazing, and its going to be SO special to do this, on the night of the Event! 🙂

I also used a piece of gym equipment that Id never used before, to work my triceps….AND…the big one….

…I was brave enough to not use the wall for balance/security, when walking with one crutch. With Mike right beside me (but not touching me), I walked a number of steps along the pathway, just with one crutch! 😀

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September – back into it!

This is my ONE Shot at bringing these Dreams to my reality (yes I know, I WILL ‘tick these Goals off’ on November 2nd, but this entire ‘training leadup’ has been very important to me, this is why its affected me so much that I havent been fully capable of achieving what I SO wanted to do).  This one Shot will never come again…and my body has let me down. Yes Im sad about this, and disappointed…Im missing out on the full experience of pushing my body to its limits, because of having to ‘sit back’ for 3 months, while I was sick, and now in recovery….but…am I going to let this ruin the magic of what is going to happen on November 2nd….Hell NO!  I wont deny that Im ‘hanging on’ at the moment, dealing with a whole stack of emotions and the fatigue thats come with my illness/recovery…but I know that come November 2nd, I am going to look back at all of this, and not regret challenging myself in this way, (or whats happened in the process), for one second! 

Despite not being able to push myself extremely hard, to the levels that I KNOW Im capable of…I still know that I have given it my ALL…and THAT is what is important, knowing that despite being ill…Ive hung in there, my body AND mind has held onto the ‘want’ to do this, so fiercely…and Ive done what I can, when I can…

September 4, 2012 – I SO wanted to get to the gym yesterday (3rd September), but with having next to no sleep the night before, and having a bit of a ‘crash’, when I wasnt dealing with all of this very well, I decided to just let myself ‘be in the moment’ and get back into it today.  Which I did.  I woke up and immediately felt the ‘pull’ of the gym, pulling me towards its magic.  I knew that I wasnt going to be able to give full effort…and I was (and still am) disappointed about that)…but I do know that, I gave my ALL, with the work that I did put into my body.  It felt really great to be back at Suncoast Fitness, in that very supportive environment, where everyone who knew whats been going on, rallied around me, it was awesome to feel..

In my session (by myself…I have Mikey tomorrow) I walked 3 x around the walkway on my crutches, did some leg extensions, chest press, and dumbell work….and that was enough for that session.  Disappointed that I just wasnt able to put more into it….but ‘trying to’ be pleased that I actually made it in there.  I need to be more proud of the efforts I do make, especially now…

September 5th, 2012 – Another epic session with Mike…very pleased with my efforts today, despite feeling very disappointed yesterday that I wasnt able to put 100% effort into it.  Im ‘achieving’ at the gym again, and that is awesome! 🙂

September 7th, 2012 – I thought Id head to the gym for another session by myself (part-making up for lost time, part-knowing that I was well on the road to recovery was such a brilliant feeling, I want to now make the absolute most of being healthy again, after all that time of not being able to do much, if anything, at all.  Feeling AWESOMELY motivated now.  8 weeks to go, till the big Day/Night.  8 weeks to go, till I Climb my Mountain, and ‘give back’ to SBH Qld! Wow…

September 8th, 2012 – Saturday afternoon, I thought Id head in for another gym session by myself, after being down at Cotton Tree Park (which is next to the water) in the morning, filling my lungs with nice, fresh, clean healthy air at Laughter Yoga.  About 15 minutes into the session, after some walking, I then realised..ooooh…’maybe this is just a *little* ambitious for your first week back, Tania!’, so I decided not to do weights in this session, just the walking, and some floor work, pushups, planks, weighted-ball work, and some stretching.  Funny thing was, after only 3/4hr of a session, I wasnt disappointed at all (unlike earlier in the week when I was first back and disappointed I couldnt do more).  I knew I had put everything I had into this first week back at training…and THAT is the feeling Id missed SO much, in the 3 months of being sick.  I have ME back….the Me who IS able to give my All! Yeeewww!! 😀

The rest of September passed by in an absolute blur of activity – both physically getting my body ready for the Event….and actually organising the Event!!  I apologise for not updating for every single session of fitness preparation, but I truly have lost true track of time, and what Im doing from one day to the next at the moment… WOW…What an incredible journey this is!..just a little intense, is an understatement!  THIS is Living! 😀

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September….heading towards the Home Straight, to the SBH Qld Event…and to my Dreams!!

September 2nd, 2012 – Today marks TWO MONTHS until my Dreams of Climbing my Mountain, Walking down the Beach with a guy (two guys in my case lol), and Slowdancing with a guy….AND raising money for SBH Qld in the process, at my SBH Qld “I Believe I can Climb” Fundraiser Event.  Wow….absolutely takes my breath away….

I have had a rough three months with my health/chest lurgy/asthma, its been a really intense up-and-down battle, and juggling act, both in my mind, and my body….but tomorrow I plan to get back to the gym, and back into some serious training.  Ive MISSED it like crazy!!  I have to ‘take it easy’ (well, as ‘easy’ as I know how! lol) at first, because of my lungs still not back up to 100%, and my constant coughing still…but, I need to get back into the swing of it…even if ‘gently’ at first.   Ive been quite (ok at times, very!) disappointed in the last few weeks, I feel like my body has let me down again, on the most important, and rewarding journey and challenge Ive ever set myself…this entire Challenge has been based around, and was sparked by the want of me achieving my 3 huge Fitness Goals…and I havent been able to fully enjoy it, because of the stop-start nature of being ill for a fair part of the last three months.  

 Being ill has also got in the way of the ‘organising’ aspect of the Event as well, which has me also feeling ‘behind my game’, which isnt a great feeling.  Dammit…BUT…this is part of what challenging yourself is all about..just going with it, and dealing with whatever comes your way..working through it, past it, and just ‘getting on with it’.  And NOT giving up!  Sure, I expected to enjoy the process towards achieving these Goals to be a whole lot ‘smoother’, and to enjoy it a lot more than I have (I have truely enjoyed it when I can…especially the fitness training side of it, when Ive been able to give my ALL, Im absolutely LOVING IT!)….but, the reward of achieving these Goals on November 2nd, is going to be a WHOLE lot sweeter now, because of the intensity of how my illness has interrupted the journey….its made it even more of a challenge.  Oh Yes, I DO love a challenge! haha..

I’m also going through times where Im fearful of not achieving these Goals, because of how much training I have missed, and how far ‘behind’ I may find my body to be, once I get back into it….but…I AM going to achieve these Goals on November 2nd, no matter what it takes to get me there.  Ive felt that way all along, whatever it takes Im doing it, to achieve it…but Im even more fiercely determined to get there, now!  My Mountain….my Fitness Goals…watch out, coz….here I COME!!

Feeling the pressure…feeling the intensity.  Scared (in an awesome, but sometimes ‘deer in headlights’ way)…excited…nervous…CHALLENGED.  THIS is what living is all about…experiencing and feeling it to the Max!  Onwards and Upwards…and BRING IT ON!! 😀

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August…oooh its getting closer!

The realisation that the Event, where I will be crossing off these 3 magic Fitness Goals, is getting closer with every day that passes = the feeling is ‘scarily awesome’.  Not scary as in fearful….but scary as in….’OMG this is really, REAL!’….haha…

I had my ‘week off’, having the absolute time of my life….AND I managed to get in some exercise, especially out at Qld Raceway on Sunday 5th August, when I was wandering around most of theday, checking out all the action off the track (not just sitting trackside watching the action). 

August 9th – At the gym for a session by myself today..Mikey (my gym PT) told me to ‘take it easy’, as I have him for a session in the morning…and we both know what he dishes out…lol. My trainer telling me to ‘take it easy’ (except when I was sick)?…

….Like a RED FLAG TO A BULL….hehe…

August 10 – Backed up my session last night with 3 new additions thrown into the program today, in my session with Mike: hammer curls, dumbell flys on the bench, and balancing on a swiss ball, for the first time, doing seated row. 50 pushups, and 3 one minute planks..and walking. WINNING!  SO amazing to be able to achieve these, which I had only ever watched others do!

August 15th – Received a photo from OnTheGo (the company who are manufacturing my singlets) of what my Event singlets are going to look like…and they are AMAZING!! I cannot wait to receive them…..and WEAR them (and see them worn by others) at the Event. 

August 16th – Another AWESOME Session with Mike today.  Balancing, sitting on a Swiss ball, by myself, with Mike moving it a bit to unsteady me, but not falling off of it..Yeewww! 😀

I havent been doing any outdoor training sessions since I returned to training after my illness, because of issues beyond my control…but I plan to return soon…cannot wait! 🙂

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July 2012 – Back into it!!

After a month of frustration, and angst that Im missing so much Training when I have these very special 3 Fitness Goals in front of me….I started back at training in early July! Oh boy did I miss it….even when I was really ill and could barely get out of bed!  

 July 9th – 5 x 1 hard, fast and powerful minutes on the boxing bag + 10 minutes on the mini-tramp ‘walking’ – its a start!!

July 11th – took myself back to the gym for a light session by myself, to get a ‘sense’ of how Im doing, before I get back into full training with Mike.  Coughed like a smoker after the session, and absolutely exhausted after 40 minutes at ‘half-strength’ of what I normally do…but..I am BACK! 😀

July 18th – My first session back with Mike at Suncoast Fitness – it was AWESOME to be back to serious Training again!  From someone who used to detest even the mere thought of exercising (many years ago), to someone who thinks about it even when Im really ill…wow my mindset sure has changed! lol.  Mike said a ‘first’ to me today, first time Id ever heard these words from him, directed at me – “We will take it easy”…haha…actually it was great to hear that from him, that he recognised how far down I had ‘fallen’ and that I need to tread carefully as to not get ill again, leading into the Event.

July 19th – I headed to the beach for beach walk training with Stacie, with a little bit of hesitance, the beach training had always been a source of frustration for me….all I want, is to be able to have a natural, easy walk down on the beach, like others can so easily and naturally do (something I will never be able to have, even by November 2nd), and my mind always got frustrated with my body, with finding it so hard to walk on. But once I got onto that beach…*something* clicked, and my focus and confidence, which Id never felt on the beach before, clicked in, and I NAILED it (my way..not anyone elses way)!!

July 26th – REALLY Excited about my progress at the gym today! Coming from last week where I still felt really weak, from still recovering from the chest lurgy the last couple of months – to today, walking with Mikey (one hand, one crutch) up and down the walkway then into a full session…no ‘taking it easy’ today! 🙂

Im also starting to increase my boxing sessions on my boxing bag at home, and standing up and ‘walking’ on my mini-tramp (at home), to a few times a week.  If Im not at a gym/outdoor (beach/Mountain) session, Im boxing/mini-tramping at home….but giving myself a day off a week, where I dont do anything fitness-related.  I hadnt been doing as many sessions at home, for the reason that I put SO much energy into my sessions, that Im exhausted the next day….and I still have Event organising to do, there is always something to do, in regards to the actual Event.  Im having to manage my energy levels VERY carefully now, especially now that my Training sessions (either with my Trainers, or by myself) are increasing in intensity, as well as frequency…its a very finetuned juggling act…

July 30Stacie and I, when we were beach walking training this morning, thought of a GREAT way to get me on and off the beach, through the soft sand (which absolutely exhausts me beyond belief right now, to walk through), on the evening of my Beach Walk…(I would have had the Climb that morning, and still to do my Slowdance, and the rest of the Event…so have to avoid getting tooo exhausted, to be able to get through it all)..

…a Man Chair/Chariot, to lift me through that sand, onto the hard stuff! Haha….Im sure we can rope some of the Suncoast Fitness boys into this!! 😉

Im having a ‘week off’ Training in the next week…and this is why..a little bit of fun happening this week!! Nice little ‘mini-reward’ for all my hard work Ive been putting into this little ‘Adventure’ (the Event), so far! 🙂

And here it is…a week where I have the opportunity to ‘tick off’ THREE incredible Dreams off of my List….(maybe a 4th if Im lucky …hehe… at one of the Events)….

#73. Do a tour through Bowdens Own car collection
#75. DJR Team Mates night on the Gold Coast
#76. Watch the Dick Johnson Racing/Jim Beam Racing V8 Supercar (and of course Steve Johnson & the gorgeous #17 beast) team race live, at Qld Raceway


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May 2012 – Where did that go??? Progress May/June 2012

Life has been SO busy with my Chasing my Dreams journey, and my Fitness Goals training/Event organising, that I just havent had the chance to update this Blog after every training session lately…ooops!!

But lets just say, the overall feeling in May-leading into June 2012, is AMAZING PROGRESS!!!  Progress that has come as a real surprise…and growing with momentum!

I am now walking straighter than I have since getting back up on my crutches after all these years..and with a lot less ‘focus’ needed, when walking with my two crutches – I can now quite happily walk alongside Mike, with my two crutches, and chat away with him, as we are walking at the gym.  Next goal is to concentrate on walking with less/no crutches, and walking just with Mike/Keas support…and with much less focus and energy needed, to do so. 

June 4, 2012 – I have recently started my Beach Walk training with Stacie (we have basically almost nailed my Mountain…we still have some work to do on it, to get me to be able to achieve this goal, but we now need to focus on the Beach Walk side of the training – such an incredible feeling to be walking on this beach that others get down and walk on all the time….such a precious feeling.  I wont deny that its incredibly hard work – but it is an EPIC feeling to be able to walk a short distance ON the beach, ON the sand! Wow!

June 6, 2012 – I am now walking beside Mike at the gym, sometimes with one crutch and Mike on the other side….and more recently I have attempted to walk with NO crutches at all, just holding Mikes hand!

June 11, 2012 – These past few days have been a huge ‘wake-up’ call to my mind…Ive basically, without realising it till it hit me in the face head-on, become daunted by the enormity of what I am doing….and scared, whether I am able to actually achieve all of this by October.  I know I will and can do it…but Ive lost a bit of the BELIEF, the deep down belief that I can do it, by October.  And this scares me…Ive had such strong belief until now…and thats disappeared.  I was warned this was going to happen at some stage (the incredible mind challenge that Im facing, aside from my body challenges)…but its hit me like a ton of bricks!  On this past Saturday, I even had thoughts of giving the whole thing up…(Saturday was also my First birthday of my ‘Chasing my Dreams’ bucket list journey….where this whole adventure started from)..what an incredible year it has been – no wonder my mind is a little exhausted right now, along with my body!   The moment that you feel like giving up on something…is the moment that you realise just how important something REALLY is to you.  I am not giving up on this, for ANYTHING on this Earth!

Im pretty sure it has something to do with, when I walked on the beach for the first time…I had convinced myself that my ‘Climb’ (the Boardwalk) was the ‘hard part’ of this whole challenge Ive set myself…and that when we got onto the beach-walking side of things, that that would be ‘a walk in the park’ – after all, once youve climbed a mountain, walking down the beach is easy….right?  Wrong!  Ive become daunted, and very surprised at how difficult walking on the sand actually is.  And I think….disappointed.  I SO want to feel that ‘natural, strolling down the beach, in the beautiful nature that I love…the ocean, the beach’ feeling – after all, thats the dream….that, getting onto the beach and finding out that it wasnt easy at all….that was a bit of a shock. 

BUT…Im determined to get past this….Im determined that I will gain my BELIEF back, that I CAN do this.  Onwards and Upwards!

I headed to the gym this morning for a session by myself..and it was a bit of a breakthrough..which I needed:
Just me…one crutch….and the wall to stabilise me for my walking practice. No one beside me for ‘security’ (totally my choice to do it by myself, today).

Nothing like the feeling of getting really angry at the wall, for having to be there to hold me up…instead of me managing to do it, myself…I WANT to be able to do it myself (grrrr) The poor wall haha..it did nothing wrong..but I kept getting angry at it!

Todays gym session helped…along with reaching out to others, gaining verbal support from them…and also another tactic I discovered yesterday while out with others, which is slowly working is…instead of letting my mind stay in the conflict, getting further and further ‘locked in’ to it…I stepped outside of it, and looked in and examined, what I was REALLY feeling, from my heart…not from my mind that these negative thoughts were feeding me.  That enabled me to get an objective view of whats happening inside my mind….instead of just focussing on, and getting lost in, the negative thoughts, themselves…

June 13, 2012 – My session with Mike went well….better than expected – I went in there feeling somewhat unmotivated – but came out feeling fantastic about what I am achieving.  Not only that, but Mike put another challenge to me – in September, Im going to get the opportunity to train HIM for an hour at the gym! haha…how awesome is that?  For an hour, I will get to dish out punishment to him, by coming up with a program thats going to push HIS limits!  Epic!  But..he’s cottoned on to me, I started asking little questions like (when I was doing pushups), ‘so, whats your limit in pushups, how many can you do?’…he’s already worked out that my litte questions Im asking him, are (were) to find out what his capabilities and limits are….and possibly to find out exercises etc that he doesnt like that much….so I could get him to do them.  But…that plan has FAILED.  The rule now is that Im not to try to get hints out of him…or from his/our gym buddies.  Dammit…haha…

June 28, 2012 – Ive come down with a chest lurgy, that two weeks later is still hanging in there….so, thats put a complete stop to my training at the moment 😦  But..hopefully it wont be toooo much longer before Im back training again.  I miss it!! Onwards and upwards!

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April 2012 – A whole new level!

I’ve headed into April with such an amazing feeling of achievement – I am not even close to ticking off all 3 of my ticks (although I am making fantastic progress!) but I am feeling so proud of what I am doing with my life.

I decided to take some ‘time off’ my physical training for a few days, just to step back from it all (and everything else happening in my life!) – and as it worked out, in the week between 2-8th April, all of the commitments, training sessions, and appointments..anything I had planned for this week, happened to be postponed.  The Universe was making it clear that I need to take this time out! 🙂

But this was not to last long…and my training has now stepped up to a WHOLE new level!  This is getting intense, and I am loving EVERY moment of it (even the pain! haha)

April 10th, 2012 – Stacie and I headed back to my ‘Mountain’ – I missed it SO much!  When we arrived, there was a very gusty wind and it was quite cool..for a split second I let this un-nerve me and worry about my balance, and attacking my Mountain in these conditions, but then I went back to the mindframe of, I am NOT going to let this Mountain defeat me…Ive come this far.  Besides..Ive ‘climbed’ in intense heat, in showery conditions..this was just another condition that Mother Nature was throwing at me.

I didnt end up walking as far today, but the headwind was SO strong that it felt like a massive distance that I had walked, with the impact it was having on my body.  And this was proven to me, by the pain I started to feel that night, after todays ‘Climb’.  I have come to love this ‘post-training’ pain, its a sign to me that I have worked my body hard….and that is exactly the feeling that I look for, when I train – to know that Ive put in hard effort.

April 11, 2012 – I woke up this morning, quite tired and a little unsteady on my feet, from my session with Stacie….but heading straight into a session with Mike at the gym.  ‘Ooooh this is going to hurt!‘…haha.  But it, (again, as has happened in the past when I think that Im only going to manage a light session), it ended up being an EPIC session!..Mike pushed me further than I thought my body was going to go – it wasnt the most intense session Id ever done – but, with the tiredness and pain I woke up with ….yep, it hurt a little lol.  Awesome!  *I do trust Mike, and Stacie, enough to know that, they wouldnt push me far enough that I would injure myself….*

During this session, when sitting on the exercise bike, talking to Mike about the way my life is changing in such epic proportions (both in a physical sense and also personally), and about how my progress is beyond anything I thought I could ever achieve – all of a sudden I felt ‘the click’ deep inside of me.  A very distinct moment of clarity and growth – a moment where I became absolutely and totally aware of my full potential – this was SUCH an amazing feeling in that moment.  I felt I could conquer the earth, to the moon and back, and beyond.  Wow…

(April 15, 2012 – OOOoh the PAIN….haha…it seriously took me 3 days to recover from the pain of this weeks session with Mike!!)

ANOTHER exciting development in my beach walk – both Mike and Kea (Suncoast Fitness) have agreed to do my walk on sunset! I HAVE my Dream, in its entirety!! 😀   This is feeling SO special for me…even more special than when the idea was ‘first born’ in my mind. Two men who just want to be there to support me, who both also realise what a special moment it will be for me (and them)….both walking down the beach with me, on sunset…BEYOND awesome!!

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My Progress…March 2012

March 2, 2012 – I had to take a ‘step back’ from my physical training for my Climb, for the moment – my life has been INSANE since getting back from Melbourne, with the lifechanging events that happened!! (but this Challenge is constantly on my mind, I am SO looking forward to putting more physical effort into this) – I am LOVING this Challenge – even when Im not training at the gym or on the boardwalk, it is constantly on my mind – it adds to the ‘fire in the belly’ I have for my life now!  Stacie and I (my Climb Trainer), had a bizarre moment during this week – the local newspaper got a hold of my ‘story’, so we spent the morning being photographed at my Mountain (the Coolum Boardwalk) for an upcoming article in the local paper.  Should be interesting when it comes out!Next Walk planned for this coming Monday 5th March (we would have been at the Walk today, but I am a little under the weather, a sore throat), so we have decided to wait until Monday.

I miss my Mountain! (the Coolum Boardwalk).  Dying to get back there…I’ve come to love the Boardwalk even more than I always did….this is MY special place..the place where I am undertaking this Challenge that means SO much to me!

March 5, 2012 – after missing out on Climbing my Mountain last week because of feeling a little ‘under the weather’, we had planned our next walk for today – but its not going to be today after all 😦 😦   I still have a lingering sore throat..not to mention its alittle wet (errr…flooding rains!) out there on the Sunny Coast at the moment!

I MISS my Mountain!! I know its there waiting for me, but I miss it!

March 8, 2012 – PT session at the gym with Mikey – once again, it was AWESOME!! I am absolutely loving the progress and how hard I am finding myself pushing my body (and mind) at the gym…I usually do push myself hard, even if working out by myself…but I am finding that I am taking it further than I thought I ever would..or could….and Im loving every second of it!   Mike also did a ‘sneaky manoeuvre’ by making me realise that I CAN do push-ups after all…up until now I didnt think I would be able to do them.  Im sure in his mind he knew, in his mind that I could…the thing was, convincing me to at least try them….he did this by giving me the “DROP and give me 20!!!” treatment, that he gives his clients when we forget our MG Personal Training wrist bands lol…yep you guessed it, I forgot mine – so the next minute I was ordered, down on the ground… gave him 10.5..lol…but at least I did them!)  And just quietly – if that was my ONE achievement for that entire day *it wasnt..but if it was*..I was SO pleased with myself, for proving that I could do them.

March 10, 2012 – FINALLY made it back to my Mountain, after all this weather, and me also being ‘under the weather’!! xx  I cant tell you how much I missed it, and missed this Challenge of conquering it, one step at a time.  Today…IN the heat (the sun was very hot, you’d swear it was middle of summer!)…ON an incline (up until now I’d walked only the part of the Boardwalk that was slightly sloped)…I walked 91metres!!! YEEEEWW!! 😀  I cannot tell you how PUMPED I was, when Stacie informed me, how far I had walked this time – without a ‘sit down break’!

Next walk – Bring it on!!!

March 15, 2012 – Another PT Session with Mike, where I felt SO focussed, and SO confident about these Fitness Goals – I can really feel the change inside myself lately, I am becoming more and more ‘brave’ about pushing myself and my body further than I ever thought I could.  In the past (when I had tonsils especially – they were removed in September 2011), every single time I pushed myself/my body even just a little bit hard, I would come down with yet another tonsillitis attack, which used to floor me for weeks.  Now that I no longer have my tonsil attacks holding me back, I am getting used to not having to ‘watch my energy’…and it is an AWESOME feeling!!! I finally feel that I have ME back, the woman who wants to give life the absolute ALL that I have got, inside me! 😀

March 16, 2012 – Stacie and I headed back to my Mountain 😀 – even though there was the threat of rain/showers, and I had a ‘niggly shoulder’ (I felt a knot come up, when I was training with Mike yesterday), we still headed there – I was going to go there no matter what today!!!  I ended up walking a shorter distance today (57.9 metres)….BUT…..the finish of the Boardwalk/my Mountain is in sight, I could actually see the end of the track – WOW!!! It kind of snuck up on us…I looked up, saw the sign that I know signals the end of the track, and said OMG, theres the end of the track!! 😀  This is DEFINITELY do-able now (I always knew it would be…but….to actually see the end of the track was SUCH an amazing feeling!! Bring on next Walk, when we will do the ‘last section’, before we start pieceing it together, for me to, one day, do the entire Climb, in one go!! Awesome!! 😀


March 21, 2012 – Back at my Mountain with Stacie – the place that I have grown to love even more than I did, when it was just ‘the Boardwalk’ to me, I have pushed many times in my chair, especially on dusk….magic time of the day, especially at Coolum, at the Boardwalk.

We REACHED the Summit (top) of my Mountain – we did it – in sections, but we did it!  I cannot tell you the depth of the feelings I had, when I reached the top, and looked down at the absolutely magic view below us – this is exactly the feelings I had been looking for (except of course, the feeling of actually climbing it all in one hit).  Serious goosebumps, and actually a little speechless…Amazing feeling…

March 22, 2012– I went into my PT session with Mike, absolutely PUMPED beyond belief…it was almost the feeling of RUNNING in there and signalling to Mike, OK lets get into it, come on…BRING IT!  Unbelievably magic feeling!  Mike challenged me even further today, perfecting my techniques even more with the machines, and one thing that I have noticed is that, when we practice our walking in the gym, I am so confident now, and I just stroll along, talking away, as if its just a ‘walk in the park’ – literally!

March 23, 2012 – I’ve worn out my very first pair of runners..check em out…AWESOME!! haha…what a feeling!

My poor, wornout shoes...AWESOME!!

March 26, 2012 – I have had a week where Ive been a little ‘strung out’ with everything happening in my life lately (my 100Things journey has just been absolutely magic, with opportunities opening up for me, left right and centre…but I was starting to feel that things were getting a little ‘on top of me’ mentally and physically, with keeping up with it all.  It is all SO much fun, and I know that I am now living life as the person I was meant to be, and was searching for, for all those years…but, it was beginning to take its toll – its been such a huge adjustment, but one that Ive been completely open to).  This scared me a little as I started to think “Will I be able to really do this? Am I going to reach a point where I have pushed myself to my limits, and beyond, where I just cant reach any further?”  A very unnerving feeling…but (after recognising it, and putting measures into my life, for some regular ‘timeout’), I decided to use this to my advantage, and use the stressed feelings which were poking their head up to motivate me to “Yes you CAN do this, and you WILL do this, and you are going to not waste this opportunity, so you will enjoy it!” (basically telling myself off, sternly lol).  I also messaged Stacie, asking her if we were still on for the afternoon…as a motivator also – as I very nearly text’d her and said lets put it off, Im feeling a little rough.  But as soon as I got Stacies return message back…there it was, the feeling Ive grown to love..I was SO pumped up again to get back to my Mountain!!

So pumped up in fact, that I managed over half of my Mountain Climb, in the ONE HIT!! YEEEEWWWW!!! 😀

This is not just a physical game that I am playing…but very much a mind one as well…today was very much proof of that…I could have said ‘lets put it off’…but no I pushed through, and ended up having possibly one of our best training sessions at my Mountain, since that first one where I proved that I *could* do it – that I could undertake this Challenge!

What I am also finding that my boxing sessions I have with my boxing bag at home (which was a tick on my list, that I strived for, and achieved), are getting more intense…I get SO pumped up in front of that bag, and about Life, that I just get stuck right into it, giving it absolutely everything Ive got (I always did give it everything…but now my bag is getting attacked with even MORE fire…haha)….which is EXACTLY how Im living my life, and my AWESOME Challenge!

Oh, and we have now started to plan a ‘little Event’ that is going to take place later in the year – an Event that will combine my 3 Fitness Goals: my Mountain Climb, walking down the beach hand in hand with a guy, and slowdancing with a guy. 

Stay tuned…but keep the diaries open for around October 2012, for an Event that is bound to be something pretty special, not only for me personally, but for Camp Quality 🙂

March 29, 2012 – Another brilliant session with Mikey – SO excited about my progress, and also with the Event that we are planning later in the year, to ‘tick off’ my 3 fitness goals..as well as raise money for charity.  It feels like such a priviledge to be doing this, not just for myself, but to now turn it into raising money for a cause.  Awesome!

OH, and a VERY exciting development to do with my/our Beach walk – the awesome Mike came up with the idea (and this showed me just how much belief he does have in me – I already knew he did, but this was amazing, when he came up with the idea), of having not just him on one side of me, and my crutch on the other for balance – but, I am now going to be walking with Mike on one side of me, and Kea (another awesome Suncoast Fitness trainer) on the other – NO crutches in sight!!!  WOW!!! When the idea hit Mike, I could literally see his eyes change – they lit up – and after he ran the idea past me, he went and grabbed Kea, and we practiced it….we DID it….I walked down that pathway at the gym, with just the boys supporting me – WOW what an OUT of this world feeling…I even shed a tear when we reached the end of the walkway!  It is going to take a lot of work to get me steady and comfortable enough to be able to do this..but we ARE going to be achieving this!! : D  Bring it on!!

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Climbing my ‘Mountain’

When I think about even attempting to climb/walk the Coolum Boardwalk…I am immediately exhilarated….I LOVE a challenge!  I know its going to be a massive task to do it, but that’s whats so exciting…to push my limits further than Ive ever done before.

Daunting..exciting..’fire in the belly’…heartwarming (I am so touched by the support Ive received so far)…this would have to be one of the most emotionally charged tasks I have ever set myself, in my life.  Bring it ON!

The Coolum Boardwalk is my ‘special place’ – Ive spent many an evening/dusk, pushing up and down that Boardwalk, reaching into one of my passions in life (photography), taking photos of the beautiful colours, ocean, and landscape along the way. I feel ‘at home’ along this Boardwalk.   This is one other reason why this Climb is so important to me….because of where it is.

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‘Stand up’ Dancing and Walking down the Beach…

I have never been a ‘jealous’ person…but I do admit that whenever I see people walking down the beach, hand in hand…or couples up on the dance floor, dancing together, I do feel a little envious, that Im ‘not able to do this’.  My NEW way of thinking, that ANYTHING really is possible, has changed this to…you know what, I AM going to do this one day!!

When this is going to happen…I am going to feel what it is like to do this, like other people do all the time…it is going to be AMAZING!! 😀


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