September….heading towards the Home Straight, to the SBH Qld Event…and to my Dreams!!

September 2nd, 2012 – Today marks TWO MONTHS until my Dreams of Climbing my Mountain, Walking down the Beach with a guy (two guys in my case lol), and Slowdancing with a guy….AND raising money for SBH Qld in the process, at my SBH Qld “I Believe I can Climb” Fundraiser Event.  Wow….absolutely takes my breath away….

I have had a rough three months with my health/chest lurgy/asthma, its been a really intense up-and-down battle, and juggling act, both in my mind, and my body….but tomorrow I plan to get back to the gym, and back into some serious training.  Ive MISSED it like crazy!!  I have to ‘take it easy’ (well, as ‘easy’ as I know how! lol) at first, because of my lungs still not back up to 100%, and my constant coughing still…but, I need to get back into the swing of it…even if ‘gently’ at first.   Ive been quite (ok at times, very!) disappointed in the last few weeks, I feel like my body has let me down again, on the most important, and rewarding journey and challenge Ive ever set myself…this entire Challenge has been based around, and was sparked by the want of me achieving my 3 huge Fitness Goals…and I havent been able to fully enjoy it, because of the stop-start nature of being ill for a fair part of the last three months.  

 Being ill has also got in the way of the ‘organising’ aspect of the Event as well, which has me also feeling ‘behind my game’, which isnt a great feeling.  Dammit…BUT…this is part of what challenging yourself is all about..just going with it, and dealing with whatever comes your way..working through it, past it, and just ‘getting on with it’.  And NOT giving up!  Sure, I expected to enjoy the process towards achieving these Goals to be a whole lot ‘smoother’, and to enjoy it a lot more than I have (I have truely enjoyed it when I can…especially the fitness training side of it, when Ive been able to give my ALL, Im absolutely LOVING IT!)….but, the reward of achieving these Goals on November 2nd, is going to be a WHOLE lot sweeter now, because of the intensity of how my illness has interrupted the journey….its made it even more of a challenge.  Oh Yes, I DO love a challenge! haha..

I’m also going through times where Im fearful of not achieving these Goals, because of how much training I have missed, and how far ‘behind’ I may find my body to be, once I get back into it….but…I AM going to achieve these Goals on November 2nd, no matter what it takes to get me there.  Ive felt that way all along, whatever it takes Im doing it, to achieve it…but Im even more fiercely determined to get there, now!  My Mountain….my Fitness Goals…watch out, coz….here I COME!!

Feeling the pressure…feeling the intensity.  Scared (in an awesome, but sometimes ‘deer in headlights’ way)…excited…nervous…CHALLENGED.  THIS is what living is all about…experiencing and feeling it to the Max!  Onwards and Upwards…and BRING IT ON!! 😀

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