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April 2012 – A whole new level!

I’ve headed into April with such an amazing feeling of achievement – I am not even close to ticking off all 3 of my ticks (although I am making fantastic progress!) but I am feeling so proud of what I am doing with my life.

I decided to take some ‘time off’ my physical training for a few days, just to step back from it all (and everything else happening in my life!) – and as it worked out, in the week between 2-8th April, all of the commitments, training sessions, and appointments..anything I had planned for this week, happened to be postponed.  The Universe was making it clear that I need to take this time out! 🙂

But this was not to last long…and my training has now stepped up to a WHOLE new level!  This is getting intense, and I am loving EVERY moment of it (even the pain! haha)

April 10th, 2012 – Stacie and I headed back to my ‘Mountain’ – I missed it SO much!  When we arrived, there was a very gusty wind and it was quite cool..for a split second I let this un-nerve me and worry about my balance, and attacking my Mountain in these conditions, but then I went back to the mindframe of, I am NOT going to let this Mountain defeat me…Ive come this far.  Besides..Ive ‘climbed’ in intense heat, in showery conditions..this was just another condition that Mother Nature was throwing at me.

I didnt end up walking as far today, but the headwind was SO strong that it felt like a massive distance that I had walked, with the impact it was having on my body.  And this was proven to me, by the pain I started to feel that night, after todays ‘Climb’.  I have come to love this ‘post-training’ pain, its a sign to me that I have worked my body hard….and that is exactly the feeling that I look for, when I train – to know that Ive put in hard effort.

April 11, 2012 – I woke up this morning, quite tired and a little unsteady on my feet, from my session with Stacie….but heading straight into a session with Mike at the gym.  ‘Ooooh this is going to hurt!‘…haha.  But it, (again, as has happened in the past when I think that Im only going to manage a light session), it ended up being an EPIC session!..Mike pushed me further than I thought my body was going to go – it wasnt the most intense session Id ever done – but, with the tiredness and pain I woke up with ….yep, it hurt a little lol.  Awesome!  *I do trust Mike, and Stacie, enough to know that, they wouldnt push me far enough that I would injure myself….*

During this session, when sitting on the exercise bike, talking to Mike about the way my life is changing in such epic proportions (both in a physical sense and also personally), and about how my progress is beyond anything I thought I could ever achieve – all of a sudden I felt ‘the click’ deep inside of me.  A very distinct moment of clarity and growth – a moment where I became absolutely and totally aware of my full potential – this was SUCH an amazing feeling in that moment.  I felt I could conquer the earth, to the moon and back, and beyond.  Wow…

(April 15, 2012 – OOOoh the PAIN….haha…it seriously took me 3 days to recover from the pain of this weeks session with Mike!!)

ANOTHER exciting development in my beach walk – both Mike and Kea (Suncoast Fitness) have agreed to do my walk on sunset! I HAVE my Dream, in its entirety!! 😀   This is feeling SO special for me…even more special than when the idea was ‘first born’ in my mind. Two men who just want to be there to support me, who both also realise what a special moment it will be for me (and them)….both walking down the beach with me, on sunset…BEYOND awesome!!

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