Thank you…

I have been very lucky to find, and join such an amazingly supportive gym who not only ‘sparked the fire’ in me to reach beyond what I ‘thought’ was possible…to now create this wonderful opportunity to raise funds for SBH Qld, and reach my 3 very special Fitness Goals

Suncoast Fitness Health Club 

Suncoast Fitness, and its staff, have always been behind me in my fitness journey which is growing into something incredible for me with these three HUGE goals I have set for myself, and for this I will be eternally grateful.  I have had a number of talks with various trainers and staff from Suncoast (I am already realising how much of a huge ’battle’ this is going to be for me, for which I am going to need support for, mentally/emotionally, as well as the physical support in way of training and babystepping my way towards this).  But, I know that I have a brilliant Team behind me…both at the gym, and with my friends around me.  Thank you  xx

I am very, VERY blessed to have Suncoast Fitness fully behind me, and my Fundraiser Event for SBH Qld – I have SO much gratitude towards Mark Stitt, owner of Suncoast Fitness.  Because of his, and Suncoast Fitness staff’s incredible support, kindness and generosity, my Fundraiser Event surrounding my achievement of my Fitness Goals, is going ahead in such an amazing, special way. 

My ‘Team’ who are working directly with me, are:

(…my Trainers are/or were, based at Suncoast Fitness)

Mike GibsonMG Personal Training

“Go Hard or Go Home” – MG Personal Training

Stacie Mackay – Stacie Mackay Personal Fitness Training

Both Mike and Stacie have been instrumental in my journey towards achieving my Fitness Goals, and striving to achieve them at the SBH Qld Fundraiser Event, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too.  I am finding it a very intense (but still very enjoyable and meaningful!) experience, which takes its toll at times, on my mind.  Mike and Stacie have been beside me every step of the way….literally. 

Makea (Kea) Pokere has also been a valuable part of my ‘gym training’, standing alongside me, with Mike, when I am practicing walking without my crutches at the gym. 

I have also been grateful to Macushla from XLR8 Coaching & Training  for coming on board to mentor and support me personally, when my ‘growth’ started to happen, with this new life journey of mine

Many thanks goes to Mick Spencer  from OnTheGo – Custom Sportswear and Design,  –  for providing our SBH Event singlets 


Thank you also to Marayke Jonkers – Paralympian, founder of Sporting Dreams, (a charity which gifts grants to disabled athletes so they are able to strive for their athletic dreams), and local restaurant owner, who has agreed to be our Speaker at the Event.  Marayke is a very inspiring, motivated woman who I feel honoured to have involved.


Jamie Milverton, from Jamies Gourmet, a local chef (whose business is centred around sharing his sensational cooking skills at his cooking classes, as well as producing a wonderful range of sauces, preserves and condiments), has agreed to be Auctioneer on the night…he will be assisting us to raise further funds for SBH Qld – awesome! 🙂

The multitalented Sunshine Coast author, Jenni Parry, has agreed to be my ‘right-hand woman’ on the day/night of the Event, so I can fully concentrate on achieving these very special milestones in my life. 

The very talented photographer Tim McNamara has offered to be my photographer for the Event, to capture the special moments…and also will be putting up one of his amazing shots, to auction off at the Event, to raise funds for SBH Qld.  Tims work is AMAZING!

Thank you to every one of you, for donating your time and effort, to be involved in this special Event. 

A special Thank you also goes out to the people who have very generously donated, through money, or prizes to go towards the raffle/auction on the night, to raise further funds for SBH Qld.  I thank you….and SBH Qld thanks you too 🙂 x
*Suncoast Fitness, not only for being major sponsor, but for donating prizes to raise money, as well
*Lara’s House – Capalaba

*Pass it Forward Gifts
*George Kambouris
*’Pat’ who donated funds to go towards a Cotton Tree Boat Shed Restaurant gift voucher
*’Pam’ – local Nutrimetics consultant
* Catherine Fuerst
*Micks Tyre & Battery
*Various donaters of funds – SBH Qld and I, also thank you 🙂


Thank you to my family, friends, and ANYONE who has, or who is, inspiring me, encouraging me, and supporting me through this.  I couldnt be doing this without you.  Also, a huge thank you goes out to everyone who has inspired me in my life (in no matter how small a way).  These huge Goals, which I am endeavouring to reach,  is the result of your encouragement, inspiration, and belief in me…which in turn has created a very strong belief in myself.



2 thoughts on “Thank you…

  1. Hi Tania, I can see you have been putting in a huge effort well done I can’t wait to see you climb that mountain : )

    • Thank you Macushla…I cannot wait to ‘tick’ these very special Goals off of my List – they mean SO much to me! 🙂

      Thank you for your support of/belief in me, and of my Event! 🙂

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