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August…oooh its getting closer!

The realisation that the Event, where I will be crossing off these 3 magic Fitness Goals, is getting closer with every day that passes = the feeling is ‘scarily awesome’.  Not scary as in fearful….but scary as in….’OMG this is really, REAL!’….haha…

I had my ‘week off’, having the absolute time of my life….AND I managed to get in some exercise, especially out at Qld Raceway on Sunday 5th August, when I was wandering around most of theday, checking out all the action off the track (not just sitting trackside watching the action). 

August 9th – At the gym for a session by myself today..Mikey (my gym PT) told me to ‘take it easy’, as I have him for a session in the morning…and we both know what he dishes out…lol. My trainer telling me to ‘take it easy’ (except when I was sick)?…

….Like a RED FLAG TO A BULL….hehe…

August 10 – Backed up my session last night with 3 new additions thrown into the program today, in my session with Mike: hammer curls, dumbell flys on the bench, and balancing on a swiss ball, for the first time, doing seated row. 50 pushups, and 3 one minute planks..and walking. WINNING!  SO amazing to be able to achieve these, which I had only ever watched others do!

August 15th – Received a photo from OnTheGo (the company who are manufacturing my singlets) of what my Event singlets are going to look like…and they are AMAZING!! I cannot wait to receive them…..and WEAR them (and see them worn by others) at the Event. 

August 16th – Another AWESOME Session with Mike today.  Balancing, sitting on a Swiss ball, by myself, with Mike moving it a bit to unsteady me, but not falling off of it..Yeewww! 😀

I havent been doing any outdoor training sessions since I returned to training after my illness, because of issues beyond my control…but I plan to return soon…cannot wait! 🙂

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July 2012 – Back into it!!

After a month of frustration, and angst that Im missing so much Training when I have these very special 3 Fitness Goals in front of me….I started back at training in early July! Oh boy did I miss it….even when I was really ill and could barely get out of bed!  

 July 9th – 5 x 1 hard, fast and powerful minutes on the boxing bag + 10 minutes on the mini-tramp ‘walking’ – its a start!!

July 11th – took myself back to the gym for a light session by myself, to get a ‘sense’ of how Im doing, before I get back into full training with Mike.  Coughed like a smoker after the session, and absolutely exhausted after 40 minutes at ‘half-strength’ of what I normally do…but..I am BACK! 😀

July 18th – My first session back with Mike at Suncoast Fitness – it was AWESOME to be back to serious Training again!  From someone who used to detest even the mere thought of exercising (many years ago), to someone who thinks about it even when Im really ill…wow my mindset sure has changed! lol.  Mike said a ‘first’ to me today, first time Id ever heard these words from him, directed at me – “We will take it easy”…haha…actually it was great to hear that from him, that he recognised how far down I had ‘fallen’ and that I need to tread carefully as to not get ill again, leading into the Event.

July 19th – I headed to the beach for beach walk training with Stacie, with a little bit of hesitance, the beach training had always been a source of frustration for me….all I want, is to be able to have a natural, easy walk down on the beach, like others can so easily and naturally do (something I will never be able to have, even by November 2nd), and my mind always got frustrated with my body, with finding it so hard to walk on. But once I got onto that beach…*something* clicked, and my focus and confidence, which Id never felt on the beach before, clicked in, and I NAILED it (my way..not anyone elses way)!!

July 26th – REALLY Excited about my progress at the gym today! Coming from last week where I still felt really weak, from still recovering from the chest lurgy the last couple of months – to today, walking with Mikey (one hand, one crutch) up and down the walkway then into a full session…no ‘taking it easy’ today! 🙂

Im also starting to increase my boxing sessions on my boxing bag at home, and standing up and ‘walking’ on my mini-tramp (at home), to a few times a week.  If Im not at a gym/outdoor (beach/Mountain) session, Im boxing/mini-tramping at home….but giving myself a day off a week, where I dont do anything fitness-related.  I hadnt been doing as many sessions at home, for the reason that I put SO much energy into my sessions, that Im exhausted the next day….and I still have Event organising to do, there is always something to do, in regards to the actual Event.  Im having to manage my energy levels VERY carefully now, especially now that my Training sessions (either with my Trainers, or by myself) are increasing in intensity, as well as frequency…its a very finetuned juggling act…

July 30Stacie and I, when we were beach walking training this morning, thought of a GREAT way to get me on and off the beach, through the soft sand (which absolutely exhausts me beyond belief right now, to walk through), on the evening of my Beach Walk…(I would have had the Climb that morning, and still to do my Slowdance, and the rest of the Event…so have to avoid getting tooo exhausted, to be able to get through it all)..

…a Man Chair/Chariot, to lift me through that sand, onto the hard stuff! Haha….Im sure we can rope some of the Suncoast Fitness boys into this!! 😉

Im having a ‘week off’ Training in the next week…and this is why..a little bit of fun happening this week!! Nice little ‘mini-reward’ for all my hard work Ive been putting into this little ‘Adventure’ (the Event), so far! 🙂

And here it is…a week where I have the opportunity to ‘tick off’ THREE incredible Dreams off of my List….(maybe a 4th if Im lucky …hehe… at one of the Events)….

#73. Do a tour through Bowdens Own car collection
#75. DJR Team Mates night on the Gold Coast
#76. Watch the Dick Johnson Racing/Jim Beam Racing V8 Supercar (and of course Steve Johnson & the gorgeous #17 beast) team race live, at Qld Raceway


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