I have had a number of opportunities to ‘share my story’ – here are a few of them: – Article on Jim Beam Racing website after my #1 V8 Life Dream got ‘ticked off’ my bucket list – Radio Interview after my #1 V8 Life Dream – V8 Hotlap with Steve Johnson – August 23rd, 2011 – Article in the Sunshine Coast Daily – March 12, 2012

An appearance on The Circle (Ch 10) morning TV program, to talk about my Chasing my Dreams journey, and also about my Neighbours ‘extra scene’ which The Circle staff arranged for me.

SBH Qld (Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Queensland – I have had opportunities to be an ‘advisory person’ for younger people with Spina Bifida, through the GOALS program at the Association

I have also had various articles written in ‘SPINET’ (SBH Qld’s magazine), about myself, and my journey, and more recently, my Fundraiser Event, here is one of them (click on Thumbnail for full article) 


Community Solutions (Training organisation) – Disability awareness opportunities, with the students at the organisation….and more recently, I have started to also do Motivational Talks (sharing my Chasing my Dreams journey), with the students.

Because of the huge impact my journey has had on my own life, this is why I enjoy sharing it with others.  Who knows, it may just inspire someone out there, to improve something in their own life.  Awesome! 😀

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