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My Progress…March 2012

March 2, 2012 – I had to take a ‘step back’ from my physical training for my Climb, for the moment – my life has been INSANE since getting back from Melbourne, with the lifechanging events that happened!! (but this Challenge is constantly on my mind, I am SO looking forward to putting more physical effort into this) – I am LOVING this Challenge – even when Im not training at the gym or on the boardwalk, it is constantly on my mind – it adds to the ‘fire in the belly’ I have for my life now!  Stacie and I (my Climb Trainer), had a bizarre moment during this week – the local newspaper got a hold of my ‘story’, so we spent the morning being photographed at my Mountain (the Coolum Boardwalk) for an upcoming article in the local paper.  Should be interesting when it comes out!Next Walk planned for this coming Monday 5th March (we would have been at the Walk today, but I am a little under the weather, a sore throat), so we have decided to wait until Monday.

I miss my Mountain! (the Coolum Boardwalk).  Dying to get back there…I’ve come to love the Boardwalk even more than I always did….this is MY special place..the place where I am undertaking this Challenge that means SO much to me!

March 5, 2012 – after missing out on Climbing my Mountain last week because of feeling a little ‘under the weather’, we had planned our next walk for today – but its not going to be today after all 😦 😦   I still have a lingering sore throat..not to mention its alittle wet (errr…flooding rains!) out there on the Sunny Coast at the moment!

I MISS my Mountain!! I know its there waiting for me, but I miss it!

March 8, 2012 – PT session at the gym with Mikey – once again, it was AWESOME!! I am absolutely loving the progress and how hard I am finding myself pushing my body (and mind) at the gym…I usually do push myself hard, even if working out by myself…but I am finding that I am taking it further than I thought I ever would..or could….and Im loving every second of it!   Mike also did a ‘sneaky manoeuvre’ by making me realise that I CAN do push-ups after all…up until now I didnt think I would be able to do them.  Im sure in his mind he knew, in his mind that I could…the thing was, convincing me to at least try them….he did this by giving me the “DROP and give me 20!!!” treatment, that he gives his clients when we forget our MG Personal Training wrist bands lol…yep you guessed it, I forgot mine – so the next minute I was ordered, down on the ground… gave him…but at least I did them!)  And just quietly – if that was my ONE achievement for that entire day *it wasnt..but if it was*..I was SO pleased with myself, for proving that I could do them.

March 10, 2012 – FINALLY made it back to my Mountain, after all this weather, and me also being ‘under the weather’!! xx  I cant tell you how much I missed it, and missed this Challenge of conquering it, one step at a time.  Today…IN the heat (the sun was very hot, you’d swear it was middle of summer!)…ON an incline (up until now I’d walked only the part of the Boardwalk that was slightly sloped)…I walked 91metres!!! YEEEEWW!! 😀  I cannot tell you how PUMPED I was, when Stacie informed me, how far I had walked this time – without a ‘sit down break’!

Next walk – Bring it on!!!

March 15, 2012 – Another PT Session with Mike, where I felt SO focussed, and SO confident about these Fitness Goals – I can really feel the change inside myself lately, I am becoming more and more ‘brave’ about pushing myself and my body further than I ever thought I could.  In the past (when I had tonsils especially – they were removed in September 2011), every single time I pushed myself/my body even just a little bit hard, I would come down with yet another tonsillitis attack, which used to floor me for weeks.  Now that I no longer have my tonsil attacks holding me back, I am getting used to not having to ‘watch my energy’…and it is an AWESOME feeling!!! I finally feel that I have ME back, the woman who wants to give life the absolute ALL that I have got, inside me! 😀

March 16, 2012 – Stacie and I headed back to my Mountain 😀 – even though there was the threat of rain/showers, and I had a ‘niggly shoulder’ (I felt a knot come up, when I was training with Mike yesterday), we still headed there – I was going to go there no matter what today!!!  I ended up walking a shorter distance today (57.9 metres)….BUT…..the finish of the Boardwalk/my Mountain is in sight, I could actually see the end of the track – WOW!!! It kind of snuck up on us…I looked up, saw the sign that I know signals the end of the track, and said OMG, theres the end of the track!! 😀  This is DEFINITELY do-able now (I always knew it would be…but….to actually see the end of the track was SUCH an amazing feeling!! Bring on next Walk, when we will do the ‘last section’, before we start pieceing it together, for me to, one day, do the entire Climb, in one go!! Awesome!! 😀


March 21, 2012 – Back at my Mountain with Stacie – the place that I have grown to love even more than I did, when it was just ‘the Boardwalk’ to me, I have pushed many times in my chair, especially on dusk….magic time of the day, especially at Coolum, at the Boardwalk.

We REACHED the Summit (top) of my Mountain – we did it – in sections, but we did it!  I cannot tell you the depth of the feelings I had, when I reached the top, and looked down at the absolutely magic view below us – this is exactly the feelings I had been looking for (except of course, the feeling of actually climbing it all in one hit).  Serious goosebumps, and actually a little speechless…Amazing feeling…

March 22, 2012– I went into my PT session with Mike, absolutely PUMPED beyond belief…it was almost the feeling of RUNNING in there and signalling to Mike, OK lets get into it, come on…BRING IT!  Unbelievably magic feeling!  Mike challenged me even further today, perfecting my techniques even more with the machines, and one thing that I have noticed is that, when we practice our walking in the gym, I am so confident now, and I just stroll along, talking away, as if its just a ‘walk in the park’ – literally!

March 23, 2012 – I’ve worn out my very first pair of runners..check em out…AWESOME!! haha…what a feeling!

My poor, wornout shoes...AWESOME!!

March 26, 2012 – I have had a week where Ive been a little ‘strung out’ with everything happening in my life lately (my 100Things journey has just been absolutely magic, with opportunities opening up for me, left right and centre…but I was starting to feel that things were getting a little ‘on top of me’ mentally and physically, with keeping up with it all.  It is all SO much fun, and I know that I am now living life as the person I was meant to be, and was searching for, for all those years…but, it was beginning to take its toll – its been such a huge adjustment, but one that Ive been completely open to).  This scared me a little as I started to think “Will I be able to really do this? Am I going to reach a point where I have pushed myself to my limits, and beyond, where I just cant reach any further?”  A very unnerving feeling…but (after recognising it, and putting measures into my life, for some regular ‘timeout’), I decided to use this to my advantage, and use the stressed feelings which were poking their head up to motivate me to “Yes you CAN do this, and you WILL do this, and you are going to not waste this opportunity, so you will enjoy it!” (basically telling myself off, sternly lol).  I also messaged Stacie, asking her if we were still on for the afternoon…as a motivator also – as I very nearly text’d her and said lets put it off, Im feeling a little rough.  But as soon as I got Stacies return message back…there it was, the feeling Ive grown to love..I was SO pumped up again to get back to my Mountain!!

So pumped up in fact, that I managed over half of my Mountain Climb, in the ONE HIT!! YEEEEWWWW!!! 😀

This is not just a physical game that I am playing…but very much a mind one as well…today was very much proof of that…I could have said ‘lets put it off’…but no I pushed through, and ended up having possibly one of our best training sessions at my Mountain, since that first one where I proved that I *could* do it – that I could undertake this Challenge!

What I am also finding that my boxing sessions I have with my boxing bag at home (which was a tick on my list, that I strived for, and achieved), are getting more intense…I get SO pumped up in front of that bag, and about Life, that I just get stuck right into it, giving it absolutely everything Ive got (I always did give it everything…but now my bag is getting attacked with even MORE fire…haha)….which is EXACTLY how Im living my life, and my AWESOME Challenge!

Oh, and we have now started to plan a ‘little Event’ that is going to take place later in the year – an Event that will combine my 3 Fitness Goals: my Mountain Climb, walking down the beach hand in hand with a guy, and slowdancing with a guy. 

Stay tuned…but keep the diaries open for around October 2012, for an Event that is bound to be something pretty special, not only for me personally, but for Camp Quality 🙂

March 29, 2012 – Another brilliant session with Mikey – SO excited about my progress, and also with the Event that we are planning later in the year, to ‘tick off’ my 3 fitness well as raise money for charity.  It feels like such a priviledge to be doing this, not just for myself, but to now turn it into raising money for a cause.  Awesome!

OH, and a VERY exciting development to do with my/our Beach walk – the awesome Mike came up with the idea (and this showed me just how much belief he does have in me – I already knew he did, but this was amazing, when he came up with the idea), of having not just him on one side of me, and my crutch on the other for balance – but, I am now going to be walking with Mike on one side of me, and Kea (another awesome Suncoast Fitness trainer) on the other – NO crutches in sight!!!  WOW!!! When the idea hit Mike, I could literally see his eyes change – they lit up – and after he ran the idea past me, he went and grabbed Kea, and we practiced it….we DID it….I walked down that pathway at the gym, with just the boys supporting me – WOW what an OUT of this world feeling…I even shed a tear when we reached the end of the walkway!  It is going to take a lot of work to get me steady and comfortable enough to be able to do this..but we ARE going to be achieving this!! : D  Bring it on!!

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