My 3 Fitness Goals

The three Fitness Goals I have set myself are…

1. Slowdancing, standing up, arm in arm with my dance partner

2. Walking down the beach, hand in hand with ‘a guy/my guy’ (or even a guy friend, if just to experience the ‘moment’ of walking along the beach with someone), just like I see couples do all the time. Being a ‘beach girl’ at heart…this would mean something special to me

I now have my ‘partners’ for my Beach Walk and Dance! – I am SO looking forward to these ‘firsts’ in my life, with these beautiful men by my side, supporting me…

And the BIG ONE!!…

3. Climb a mountain – I originally put this on my List as I was searching for the ‘sense of achievement’ people must get, when they actually DO climb a mountain in nature – the sheer energy, force, and strength it takes them to climb that mountain, and to reach the top to a most beautiful view.  I WANT that feeling too!

I have now decided on ‘MY Mountain’ – this will the the Boardwalk at Coolum, on the Sunshine Coast.  No, it isnt an actual mountain…but..honestly, at this point when I think of somehow walking my way to the top of it – it IS a mountain to me.  The view at the top of this Boardwalk is amazing – I AM going to walk to the top of that ‘mountain’, someday!  Cannot WAIT to conquer my Mountain!! 😀

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