My progress so far…February 2012

This post is for me to record my progress so far, in my quest to achieve these Goals..I am concentrating mainly on the BIG one (walking up Coolum Boardwalk)..but I know the other two will happen naturally, in their own time as well 🙂

From late 2011, where I barely had the confidence to stand up out of my chair, on my crutches, I have gradually but carefully built my body and confidence up to, now, today February 2, 2012 – being able to do ‘6 laps’ (approx 30metres each way), of a walkway at the gym.  Thats a whopping (approx) 180 metres!! Wow!  I have to tell you, it is amazing to feel this sense of achievement 😀  *The last ‘lap of the walkway’ was a bit’scary though lol…my chair was right up the other end of the walkway…I felt myself start to falter alittle, and thinking uh oh my chair is right up the other end…totally out of my comfort zone. I was almost going to get someone to get my chair….but I pushed through, and I DID IT! 🙂

I now have, as of today February 2, 2012, more of a set Plan on how I am going to conquer these goals…rather than it being a mere thought in my head, and being committed to doing it in my mind, I now have, thanks to the advice of a friend, and also trainers/staff at my gym, an actual set plan of how I am going to start conquering this ‘Mountain’ (and the other two Fitness goals).  I even have ‘written homework’ to do, which my Trainer has set me….how did THAT happen, written homework, from a fitness Trainer??  haha 😉

This also means, not only is it very real….and the commitment has gone even deeper…I am now accountable to others – and that in itself is a little daunting..cant back out now! haha….but its all good…its what I need, to MAKE it happen!

OK so…walking is very slowly progressing, set plan is starting to take shape, I have a trainer session next week to set up a workout program that is going to suit these Goals…its all Systems GO, from here! Wow…

Now that I have a Team of people behind me, supporting me in this…this is all becoming VERY real! lol…OMG its not just a ‘possibility’, it IS happening.  This is huge.  This has the potential to become something very, very special in my life.

February 6, 2012 – it has suddenly hit me how HUGE and REAL this all is…..I was so pumped up and confident that I went to the gym and walked 240m (approx), and then did a massive workout afterwards..I am SO enjoying this new revitalised energy I have found deep inside myself, lately!  I also have my first ‘steps along the Boardwalk’ planned for next week, a friend has kindly offered to come with me once a week, to practice walking the Boardwalk, even if its just a few metres the first time…each step I take, is one step closer to me being able to Climb my Mountain!

February 7, 2012 – my body isn’t enjoying the MASSIVE work I put into it yesterday…OUCH!! haha…and I have had moments of ‘what am I doing, can I do this…’ before I remind myself – I am just at the start of stepping up my fitness to this level needed..I CAN and WILL do this..its just going to take a bit of time and a lot of effort! 🙂

February 9, 2012 – my first ‘official Climb PT session’ with Mike.  And what a session it was….WOW…we didnt add/change a lot of exercises today (we discussed what to focus on, what my needs were/are going to be, how we are going to approach this, along with adding two new exercises), but as today was my first ‘official step’ towards these Goals, I couldnt help but feel…overwhelmed, pumped up, daunted, excited….all at the same time.  Wow – the journey towards these HUGE fitness Goals has just stepped up a massive gear, today! 😀

February 15, 2012 – Well todays the day – today is the day that I take my first steps along that Boardwalk…along my Climb.  Unbelievably nervous, out of my comfort zone, psyching myself up bigtime, even a little teary at some point during the day.  What an emotional ride this is…the Boardwalk itself means something special to me, Ive spent many an evening ‘pushing’ the Boardwalk in my chair, enjoying the breathtaking scenes, as the day fades, and the awesome colours of nature at dusk hits the ocean and sky.

After some encouraging words from Stacie – I head off…as I drive closer to the Boardwalk, and as it comes into sight….I really can feel the intense focus come over me – I call it my ‘race face’ – the same focus hits me, as I can see in racecar drivers as they are sitting on the Grid, waiting for that green light that signals the start of the race.  Their eyes are SO focused (love it!), and thats how mine are feeling, at this point.

I arrive at the Boardwalk, and after some nervous chatting with Stacie, we set off…no big expectations, Im thinking ‘even if I only walk 10metres, Im going to give it everything Ive got’.  It feels…exciting, daunting, even a little scarey to be way out of my comfort zone – this is why its so important to have Stacie with me, to reassure me that I am not doing this alone.  We chat away as Im walking (Im a ‘chatterer’ when Im nervous…lol)….and I start to feel a little more comfortable, the more time goes on.  I walk a distance…then stop as I ‘think’ Ive had enough – but then, as is typical me ‘show me I can do a little, and I immediately want to reach beyond my limits to do even MORE!’ – after I catch my breath, we set off and I do a second stint, with Stacie by my side.

Turns out…with two seperate ‘stints’, with a rest inbetween, I manage to walk 122.14metres (Stacie kindly brought a tape measure along, so we could accurately measure my progress).  Wowzers!!  As Stacie said “I NAILED IT!!”.

Unbelievably pumped (and already a little sore, and ‘jelly legged’ (lol)…BRING ON the next stint!

February 16, 2012 – I backed up yesterdays massive effort, with a PT session with Mike….I dont know whether it was the adrenaline still pumping inside of me from the night before, of the massive distance I covered (which was probably part of how I managed to walk that far, with the adrenaline and ‘I can do this’, pumping inside of me)…but….WOW….what a session.  I feel SO alive, so pumped, an UNREAL feeling!!

THIS is what life is all about.

February 20, 2012 – Headed to the gym for another PT session with Mike – I was SO pumped, as the next day I was about to head off to Melbourne for a very exciting ‘100Things’ adventure.  I fully intended to ‘take it alittle easy’ (and Mike knew this…lol), as I didnt want to tire myself for my awesome trip away – but I ended up having the opposite type of session – fully committed – LOVED it!


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